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Sage 100 Hosting
« on: September 08, 2021, 11:40:27 PM »
I started a thread on Sage City about hosting options for Sage 100. Kevin complained that I was spamming the forum with my hosting preference. It seems half the partner base is offering some level of hosting services. In a nutshell hosting is renting someone else's computer to run your applacation so you don't have to. Hosting options vary with price and services provided. The larger players are replacing the partner as part of the on-boarding process to provide updates and resolve functionality issues. This is beyond the monthly hosting fees which doubles the cost of Sage 100 subscription fees. Most of the top tier hosting providers are using VMWare which adds another layer to the OS. To be profitable at hosting you need a lot of clients generating revenue with the hope things stay running on its own.   

A better option in my opinion is using an AWS EC2 instance which you own and control access to. This is the most reliable and secure option going. Amazon doesn't go cheap with their data centers. With a one-click install of a Windows Server 2016 instance AMI (Amazon Machine Image) everything is setup and ready to install your Sage 100 software and data. If your server instance runs 24/7 you are looking at a cost of around $150 / month. (much less if you hibernate your instance off hours) This hosting option allows you to use your existing Sage partner (or someone of your choosing) and Sage support to maintain your Sage software. AWS offers affordable support billed monthly. No long term contracts. You will have a one time RDS (Remote Desktop Server) license to buy based on the number of users needing shared access.

I offer my services as a migration project manager which can save you a lot of time. I have been using AWS EC2 for about 12 years hosting multiple open source projects.

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