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ProvideX Object History
« on: May 21, 2022, 04:33:21 pm »
The Beggining

Before Sage bought ProvideX from Mike King I had worked together closely with Mile to bring Windows ability to a traditional Business Basic language. I had been working on getting VBX support implemented with PowerBasic (compiled BASIC) using an external library I was linking to. I asked Mike if it was possible to add VBX support to ProvideX which Mike accomplished. DLL FFI (Foreign Function Interface) was added about the same time. Sage was looking at using VB5/6 as their migration path from character base BBx. At the 11th hour my partner and I pitched Sage on using ProvideX and NOMADS as the migration path and retain the code they already had developed. The VB direction was spun off to its own group and eventually became Sage 500.

We closed the deal and our arrangement with Mike was we would get 10% of Sage gross sales. Shortly there after Mike sold the company to Sage screwing me and my partner out of our commissions. I haven't spoken to Mike since. I would have to say Mike screwed himself as well as things turned out. Sage won't work with Mike either.

ProvideX OOP

I refer to ProvideX as Emulation BASIC. Mike missed his true calling and should have been a magician. ProvideX is a single threaded top / down interpreter. Objects are called programs with emulated properties and methods as labels. I don't think Mike intended to use this proof of concept to make ProvideX OOP based but offer it as an extension. Sage wanted ProvideX to work like VB and Mike's ego won't let him say it's not doable. The reason 100 runs so slow is everything is an emulation. (WindX, OOP, SQL, ...)

To allow other languages like VBScript to be used for scripting it has to run within WSH. (COM Object) Running VBScript in a Windows Shell Host object has it's limitations but seems to work okay for the limited scripting use done with Custom Office. Sage's BOI framework has deprecated the Master Developer program for the most part.

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