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BOI - Custom Office / ProvideX Object History
« Last post by John Spikowski on May 21, 2022, 04:33:21 pm »
The Beggining

Before Sage bought ProvideX from Mike King I had worked together closely with Mile to bring Windows ability to a traditional Business Basic language. I had been working on getting VBX support implemented with PowerBasic (compiled BASIC) using an external library I was linking to. I asked Mike if it was possible to add VBX support to ProvideX which Mike accomplished. DLL FFI (Foreign Function Interface) was added about the same time. Sage was looking at using VB5/6 as their migration path from character base BBx. At the 11th hour my partner and I pitched Sage on using ProvideX and NOMADS as the migration path and retain the code they already had developed. The VB direction was spun off to its own group and eventually became Sage 500.

We closed the deal and our arrangement with Mike was we would get 10% of Sage gross sales. Shortly there after Mike sold the company to Sage screwing me and my partner out of our commissions. I haven't spoken to Mike since. I would have to say Mike screwed himself as well as things turned out. Sage won't work with Mike either.

ProvideX OOP

I refer to ProvideX as Emulation BASIC. Mike missed his true calling and should have been a magician. ProvideX is a single threaded top / down interpreter. Objects are called programs with emulated properties and methods as labels. I don't think Mike intended to use this proof of concept to make ProvideX OOP based but offer it as an extension. Sage wanted ProvideX to work like VB and Mike's ego won't let him say it's not doable. The reason 100 runs so slow is everything is an emulation. (WindX, OOP, SQL, ...)

To allow other languages like VBScript to be used for scripting it has to run within WSH. (COM Object) Running VBScript in a Windows Shell Host object has it's limitations but seems to work okay for the limited scripting use done with Custom Office. Sage's BOI framework has deprecated the Master Developer program for the most part.

Open Forum / BOI Scripting
« Last post by John Spikowski on May 20, 2022, 02:19:51 pm »
I was banned on the Sage City forum for expressing my opinion about the quality of Alnoor Cassim's instructional ability. The following video along with others is the basis for my opinion. Alnoor doesn't contribute to the Sage Forum offering his self proclaimed expert status to forum members.

Alnoor was a customer support rep for 12 years with Sage before he was let go by Sage. How he was portrayed as a BOI guru is beyond me. Alnoor main goal is generating income by telling people things they should already know if they call themselves programmers. If this is as good as it gets, BOI's scripting future looks bleak.

Introduction To Scripting for Sage 100

The Sage City forum is focused on community support for its customers. BOI scripting is often a solution to requests and issues. I'm going to be setting up a dedicated board here on the forum as a BOI scripting resource with member peer support.

If you would like to become a member of the forum, send an e-mail to to resister. (self registration disable due to spam bots)

Open Source / Re: Project Announcement
« Last post by John Spikowski on March 24, 2022, 12:45:11 am »
I have Customers added to the demo company. The MySQL DB contains invoices and payments but no purchases. I'm going to try and generate some sales orders next.
Open Source / Re: Project Announcement
« Last post by John Spikowski on March 20, 2022, 12:12:57 pm »
I'm working on building a demo company using the MySQL Classic Models DB. I have the inventory built. I've attached the Inventory Stock Check Report that will show the items inventory. I was able to get the Supplier (vendor) initial records build. The attached Supplier Trial Balances report that shows the vendors being used in this demo company.

I found a few sites that have pictures of these models which I plan to incorporate with the inventory items.

I setup a Shopify developer sandbox which will use the same inventory. The goal is a seamless integration.

If you would like to help move this along send me an email.
Open Source / Re: Project Announcement
« Last post by John Spikowski on March 06, 2022, 03:57:44 pm »
Congratulations! FrontAccounting has just been recognized with the following awards by SourceForge:
  • Community Leader
  • Community Choice
  • Open Source Excellence
  • SourceForge Favorite

These honors are awarded only to select projects that have reached significant milestones in terms of downloads and user engagement from the SourceForge community.

This is a big achievement, as your project has qualified for these awards out of over 500,000 open source projects on SourceForge. SourceForge sees nearly 30 million users per month looking for, and developing, open source software.

The Open Sage ERP offering is a fork of the FrontAccounting project. I have rebranded it and have maintain a repository updating it with fixes and enhancements from the FA project.

I have install OS-ERP on the Open Sage site if you would like to give it a review and see if it would meet your needs. (I'm still working on building a demo company so feel free to experiment.)

Open Sage ERP Community Demo Install

User Name: demo
Password: demo

This is a community effort like Sage City but no subscriptions or partner fees to pay. OS-ERP is written in PHP which is the most popular scripting language on the planet. The OS-ERP framework is very well done and easy to expand on. Please join the forum and contribute to the project with the skills you have to offer. (accounting, programming, web site expansion, ...)
Open Source / Re: Project Announcement
« Last post by John Spikowski on December 07, 2021, 11:30:35 pm »
The OS-ERP version is now at 2.4.11.

I'm working on building a demo company using the MySQL example company Classic Models.

I'm splitting up my open source activities between OS-ERP and the new HTML extension module that will allow substituting NOMADS for a browser interface.
Script BASIC / Re: ScriptBasic HTML Extension Module
« Last post by John Spikowski on November 28, 2021, 06:04:30 am »
I found a great open source Bootstrap theme I plan to base the NOMADS replacement on.  Check out the menu options to show the interface components. Try it on your PC and phone.

Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.

Bootstrap was developed and being used by Twitter.

FYI Bootstrap 5 > no longer requires jQuery as a dependency. Using one framework makes my encapsulation much easier. 

Bootstrap Spur Demo

Script BASIC / Re: ScriptBasic HTML Extension Module
« Last post by John Spikowski on November 15, 2021, 09:53:30 pm »
I found a nice JQuery and Bootstap JavaScript routine to create resizable and moveable popup forms. I plan to used this with my ScriptBasic HTML extension module to create popup modal dialogs for functions like look-ups and previews.

I really like the Bootstrap framework for building form based browser applications. The library touts mobile first as their motto.

I'm looking forward to see if I can get Sage 100 working as a browser application using BOI and eliminating NOMADS.

Example  (right click / view source) to see how it's done.

I need to add an extension to Bootstrap to allow this to work on a phone. I'll update the example soon.

Script BASIC / ScriptBasic HTML Extension Module
« Last post by John Spikowski on November 14, 2021, 08:33:45 pm »
I've started work on a new extension module for the Business Application Server. (BAS)  The goal of the HTML extension module is to render HTML/JavaScript-AJAX/CSS page elements as extension module method calls and property settings. I'm going to use the IUP design concept for container and control rendering. This will allow desktop BASIC programmers to create browser applications with little knowledge of web programming.

I'm happy to report that the ScriptBasic COM extension module works great with the application server. You just can't instantiate any Windows UI components. (warning but obvious) It seems to work fine with BOI. Here is an example.

Code: Script BASIC
  1. ' BOI Customer Contact - Web Page
  6. cgi::Header 200,"text/html"
  7. cgi::FinishHeader
  9. PRINT """
  10. <html>
  11. <header>
  12. <title>ScriptBasic 100 BOI</title>
  13. </header>
  14. <body>
  15. <table>
  16. <center><h1>ABC - Customer Contacts</h1></center>
  17. <table style="width:100%">
  18.  <tr>
  19.    <th>Customer Number</th>
  20.    <th>Company Name</th>
  21.    <th>Phone Number</th>
  22.  </tr>
  23. """
  25. oscript = COM::CREATE(:SET, "ProvideX.Script")
  26. COM::CBN oScript, "Init", :CALL, "C:\\Sage\\Sage 100 Standard\\MAS90\\Home"
  27. osession = COM::CBN(oscript, "NewObject", :SET, "SY_Session")
  28. COM::CBN osession, "nSetUser", :CALL, "USER", "PASSWORD"
  29. COM::CBN osession, "nsetcompany", :CALL, "ABC"
  30. COM::CBN osession, "nSetDate", :CALL, "A/R", "20210722"
  31. COM::CBN osession, "nSetModule", :CALL, "A/R"
  32. ocust = COM::CBN(oscript, "NewObject", :SET, "AR_Customer_svc",  osession)
  34. COM::CBN ocust,"nMoveFirst"
  35. DO UNTIL COM::CBN(ocust, "nEOF", :GET)
  36.   PRINT "  <tr>\n"
  37.   PRINT "    <td>", COM::CBN(ocust, "sARDIVISIONNO", :GET), "-", COM::CBN(ocust, "sCUSTOMERNO", :GET), "</td>\n"
  38.   PRINT "    <td>", COM::CBN(ocust, "sCUSTOMERNAME", :GET), "</td>\n"
  39.   PRINT "    <td>", COM::CBN(ocust, "sTELEPHONENO", :GET), "</td>\n"
  40.   COM::CBN ocust, "nMoveNext"
  41.   PRINT "  </tr>\n"
  42. LOOP
  44. PRINT """
  45. </table>
  46. </body>
  47. </html>
  48. """
  50. COM::CBN ocust, "DropObject"
  51. COM::RELEASE ocust
  52. COM::CBN osession, "DropObject"
  53. COM::RELEASE osession
  54. COM::RELEASE oscript

Stay tuned, more to come.
Open Source / Re: Project Announcement
« Last post by John Spikowski on October 28, 2021, 02:05:03 am »
I thought I would install OS-ERP (FA) on my main Windows 10 development laptop as it has a static IP on my fiber connection. XAMPP now offers a PHP 8.0.12 version of the install. FA hasn't officially recommended PHP 8 yet and suggests using PHP 7 instead. I decided to try PHP 8 and see if it breaks anything. After getting everything installed I noticed the dashboard graphics weren't working. It seems XAMPP has disabled the GD extension in the php.ini file. Once I enabled the GD extension the graphics worked. So far everything else seems normal. If you plan to try OS-ERP from the OS-ERP Repository I suggest using the XAMPP PHP 7 latest install until the developers give the green light on PHP 8.

I've started on the first OS-ERP specific change which is making Customer Maintenance look more like 100. I'm going to be moving fields from the Additional tab to the main screen. I'm also going to create separate addresses fields rather than using a multi-line text box.
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