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John Spikowski

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Re: ZOHO Analytics
« on: August 12, 2021, 08:37:52 pm »
When I installed the on-premise version of Zoho Analytics I was surprise to see them using Postgres SQL as their data warehouse. I already have a working SQL mirroring package for Sage 100 and Postgres SQL. The only connector Zoho offers is using the REST API to load data. They don't offer an ODBC connection option. That might work for after the fact analytics but my goal all along has been a Live BI & Dashboard presentation.

Zoho's pricing is expensive once you read the terms. For a minimal 5 user subscription it's $30 per user per month billed annually.  ($1,800 / year)

If Zoho is claiming their Postgres SQL open source server is proprietary and can only used directly by them this approach to BI is not where I'm heading. Using Google charts still looks like the best choice for live dashboards and analytics.

Zoho offers an easy to use package. It's just restrictive, slow and costly.
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