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John Spikowski

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Script BASIC Download
« on: December 14, 2018, 09:07:11 pm »
I have attached the download links to the Windows 32 bit Inno installer and Ubuntu 64 bit run time image of Script BASIC if you would like to follow along and get up to speed with the BASIC.

Windows 32 bit Script BASIC Installer

Ubuntu 64 bit Script BASIC run time image

This is an example of using the Windows IDE/Debugger with the MODULE example in the previous post.

Windows Install

Download and unzip the installer. (single file) Run the installer.

Ubuntu Linux

Download the file to where you wish to install Script BASIC. It creates a sub-directory sb64 from where you are at.
In the sb64 sub-directory setup the environment by using this command in the console.  source